The Secret MiGs of Bornholm door Dick van der Aart

The Secret MiGs of Bornholm

Based on many declassified Secret and Top Secret documents, The Secret MiGs of Bornholm tells in fascinating detail the story of the covert intelligence exploitation by the West of the most advanced Soviet jet fighter of the time.Three Polish Air Force pilots escaped with their MiG-15s to the Danish island of Bornholm. These freedom flights gave Western military intelligence organizations, especially those from the USA and Great-Britain, the opportunity to uncover the secrets of this much-feared communist aircraft. And Denmark, a somewhat reluctant NATO ally, was put under extreme political pressure to allow the examination of the MiGs by the foreign experts. The tiny island of Bornholm in the Baltic was in the Fifties the focal point of one of the most successful military intelligence operations of the Cold War.

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